Welcome to Adelphi

Adelphi is a small village in Ross County, Ohio. Our population is approximately 371. The village has a total area of 0.3 square miles. John Purdue - founding benefactor of Purdue University was born in Adelphi. The current Mayor is Josh Hettinger, a 1999 graduate of Zane Trace High School.
We invite you to explore our village website. Here you will find information about our elected officials, community events, sewer services and area businesses.

Adelphi Christmas Celebration: 12/16/17! FREE community event!
2:30-4:30pm pictures with Santa, crafts, Christmas candy & fruit giveaway for the kids!
4:30pm Hanging ornaments and lighting the COMMUNITY Christmas tree at sundown!
5:30pm +/- refreshments will be served at the Adelphi Methodist Church.
6:00pm +/- Adelphi Community Church will lead everyone in Christmas Caroling!